Sweet – Cigarettes After Sex

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Sweet – Cigarettes After Sex
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Sweet – Cigarettes After Sex

from Cigarettes After Sex LP: https://cigsaftersex.lnk.to/cas

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recorded December 2015 in Brooklyn, NY

Written by Greg Gonzalez
Greg Gonzalez – vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Phillp Tubbs – keyboards
Randy Miller – bass
Jacob Tomsky – drums

Recorded by Greg Gonzalez
Mixed by Rocky Gallo
Mastered by Greg Calbi

Cover design by Randy Miller

Released on Partisan Records on June 9th, 2017


Watching the video that you sent me
The one where you’re showering with wet hair dripping
You know that I’m obsessed with your body,
Ayak it’s the way you smile that does it for me

It’s so sweet knowing that you love me
Though we don’t need to say it to each other,
Sweet knowing that I love you & running my fingers through your hair
It’s so sweet

Watching the video where you’re lying in your red lingerie cilt times nightly
You know I think your skin’s the perfect color,
Üçgenin Taban Olmayan Kenarı it’s always your eyes that pull me under

and I would gladly break it
I would gladly break my heart for you… sizlere yemekmutfagi.com farkıyla sunulmuştur